Modern Interplay of Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces: S House in Lima

architecture Modern residence Lima

S House by Domenack Arquitectos can be described as a modern interplay of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Located in Lima, Peru, this contemporary 500 square meter retreat is structured on three levels, each more spectacular than the next. According to the project developers, the residence is the result of dealing with three important variables: “satisfying the functional needs of the family,…

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Break-Out and Dining Space in Manchester With Industrial Influences

Break-Out and Dining Space

The Hub is a break-out and dining space developed by Opus 4 (a design and build interior fit-out company in Manchester, England) for NSG Environmental. NSG- a nuclear waste management specialist – wanted a social ‘Hub,’ an engaging, inspiring space where employees could dine, relax, socialize and hold informal inter-department meetings. The original area was a mezzanine floor used partially for…

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Inspiring 15 Sqm Modular Artist’s Studio Ranking High in Functionality

design Space saving studio
How do you imagine the perfect workspace? Israeli architect Ranaan Sterndesigned and implemented a modular artist’s studio in Tel Aviv exhibiting clever storage solutions. The original looking apartment features 2 desks, 36 drawers, modular storage compartments and pegboard display walls. And if at some point the owners feel tired, they can just bring down the folding bed and come up with new…

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Sustainable Four-Level Home in Brazil Exhibiting a Bold Modern Architecture

Four-Level Home
Located in Sousas, one of four districts from the city of Campinas-Sao Paulo, this four-level home by defies the provincial air with its bold modern architecture. According to the architects, the overall design was guided by the optimization of natural resources, such as sun lighting and ventilation. The house plan tends to an L shape, enabling greater integration between…

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Carrara Marble and Tuscan Craftsmanship: Original Design Collection by ZPSTUDIO

design collectionZPSTUDIO sent us photos of their latest work, a series of objects evolved from a research on traditional and avant-garde techniques and manufactured in collaboration with Tuscan craftsmen.

Clochette table lampis a copper lampshade that clings on a white Carrara Marble pedestal, with a pink marble sphere as a handle to direct the beam of light. The unique design enhances the qualities of natural,…

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Complex Residence Encouraging Family Interaction: Casa 31_4 Room House

architecture 4 room houseA fruitful collaboration between Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects and led to the development of Casa 31_4 Room House, a complex residential project. According to the description provided by the architects, all spaces contain elements of the past, often manifested as objects of intrigue: the sloping floor, the barge scrolls on the front fence, the roof tiles, the chimney as water…

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Constantly Satisfying a Cat’s Curiosity: CATable by Ruan Hao

catableThe charming CATable was created by Ruan Hao from LYCS, an architecture firm based in Hangzhou and Hong Kong. Especially designed for cats to explore and sleep in, the project follows a worldwide trend: that of sharing your home with pets. The table features crannies and passageways, where your furry cat friend can happily roam stealthily.
Modern table for cats (5)According to the designer, people who lives with cats…

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Striking Chicago Loft Artistically Displaying the Owner’s Guitar Collection

architecture west-loop-loft-besch-designThis striking Chicago loft is located in a famous building that once housed the National Biscuit Company in the West Loop neighborhood, now known as “Nabisco” . The impressive multi-unit crib is located on the upper floor and is packed full with charming industrial elements. A large array of materials and textures reduce the scale of the place and give it a homey west-loop-loft-besch-According to the developers…

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Glass Box in the Sky: French Riviera’s CView Modern Villa

Stylish villaLocated in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the French Riviera, CView Villa is an impressive multi-level modern residence symbolically dubbed the glass box in the sky. Welcoming and inviting, the high sophisticated property will make you feel like you are hovering above the sea. The view of the shimmering blue waters floods in through walls of glass. Leave your problems at home, for…

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