Jul 17

Historic Homes and Why They Still Manage to Capture Our Hearts

Across the housing industry nationwide, more and more homeowners are opting to buy and restore a historic home over buying or building a new, modern, home. One might find it a bit curious that there would still be such interest in 100 year old objects in an age with unprecedented electronic connectivity and technological innovation, and yet it endures.

What is it about historic homes that has…

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SWASH: The Revolutionary 10‑Minute Home Clothing Care System

revolutionary clothing systemTwo of the most known laundry companies in the world- P&G and Whirlpool- have joined hands to create the SWASH Express Clothing Care System. This new revolutionary design is said to reduce wrinkles, restore the fit lost after wear and preserve clothing, in just ten minutes with the push of a button. The SWASH™ system, developed to fit into a living space such as a bedroom or closet, allows users…

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Unusual Family Residence Design Overlooking the Massive Andes in Chile

House in Vitacura by Izquierdo Lehmann

Overlooking expansive views of the massive Andes and the awe-inspiring valley of Santiago, this House in Vitacura, Chile, send shivers down your spine. Massive in scale and showcasing a fascinating focal point rounded to shape the interior courtyard, the hillside family home gathers panoramic views of the surroundings with every chance it gets. Spreading over 983 square meters, the brainchild of

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Jul 16

Baffling the Mind: Hippopotamus Chair by Maximo Riera

maximo_riera_hippopotamus_chair idea
Spanish artist Maximo Riera‘s extravagant and almost surreal furniture pieces makes us constantly wonder what the designer will come up with next. After his former hits Walrus Chair, Rhino Chair, Octopus Chair and Elefant Chair (featured on Freshome a while back), the Hippopotamus Chairadds up to the line of majestic seating units. Just like  the rest of the animal pieces envisioned by Riera,…

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Barn Converted into Minimalist Holiday House in Ayent, Switzerland

architecture project Savioz-House
This minimalist holiday house completed in 2013 by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte in Ayent, Switzerland has an interesting history behind. Back in 1882, its location in the middle of the fields made it perfect for housing during the pasture season. In 1980, the addition of a floor and the roof work converted the barn into a holiday escape. The architects at Savioz Fabrizzi further enhanced its…

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Surprising and Funny Foldout Cards Turning That Frown Upside Down

Funny foldout cards by Etsy Shop FINCHandHare 

Teaching us to look beyond the apparent, these surprisingly creative greeting cards by Etsy Shop FINCHandHaregrab the attention with an offensive line only to unravel heart-warming messages. These funny foldout cards display mean messages when closed, but once opened they invigorate you with a fun and funny line: “You are awful” turns into “You are awesome & wonderful”. Others are prepared to…

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Captivating Spanish Villa in Port d’Andratx Boasting Exceptional Views

With sweeping views over Port d’Andratx, it is fair to say that this Spanish Villa has one of the most privileged locations in Mallorca for those in search of a highly modern way of living. Spotted by Freshome on Home Designing, the five-bedroom residence has a total surface of 900 square meters and boasts an infinity pool with lounge furniture, sauna with fitness area, a separate guest house…

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Outdoor-Oriented Dream Home/Office Implants Modern African Aesthetic in Switzerland

SAOTA Lake House Switzerland (1)

We’re used to SAOTA‘s impressive and imposing residences and pleased to see each of them unravel before our virtual eyes. This time we’ll be admiring a fascinatingly transparent Lake House in Geneva, Switzerland. Attracting the eye with an unusual architecture, the building acts as both a residence and an office. The client is a fan of the illustrious architecture team and this 2,800 sqm family…

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Cozy Private Residence Defined by Camouflaged Contemporary Appeal

Elwood Residence by Robson Rak Architects and Made by Cohen (3)

Fancy in its essence, this modern Australian private residence displays a contemporary appeal defined by lines and materials and enhanced by the choice of colors, furniture and furnishings. You wouldn’t guess it from the facade, but a world of serenity and comfort hides from prying eyes. Named the Elwood Residence, it is a result of the collaboration between Robson Rak Architects and Made by…

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Jul 15

Convert Vase Collection in Stainless Steel Inspired by Architectural Geometry

convert vase collectionAnother Studio shared photos and information regarding The Convert Vase collection, a trio of architecturally inspired geometric vessels, each constructed from a single sheet of stainless steel. The sheet is folded and shaped by hand in order to create a cylindrical structure. The steel has a semi-matte finish with patterns embossed into the surface to create a soft tactile aesthetic from an…

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